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Smaller, lighter and more intuitive than before. The perfect office desk that allows you to concentrate on what is truly important.

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Ergonomics for design enthusiasts

The Yaasa office furniture allows you to work in both a healthy and ergonomic way whilst seated and standing. Modern design combined with various colours and sizes that suit every space - whether at home or in the office.

Office essentials

  • YAASA Desks

    YAASA Desks

    The height-adjustable YAASA desks are designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind to improve your work life. Modern design meets functionality - the optimum choice for all on-site and home office spaces.
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  • Yaasa Cable Management

    Yaasa Cable Management

    The practical Yaasa Cable Management: Sophisticated simplicity. High functionality with minimalistic design. The Cable Management system allows you to adapt both cable volume and positions to your requirements.
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  • Yaasa Chair

    Yaasa Chair

    The adjustable office chair features 6 different settings for absolute comfort at any time. It is available in black and white to perfectly compliment each Yaasa Desk.
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How a Yaasa Desk is created

Each Yaasa Desk is unique. The design and construction is done by us. We rely on European production partners which allows us to easily combine the best technology with an exceptional design. By avoiding the middleman and reselling, we are able to offer our products at an attractive price.

Why opt for Yaasa products?

  • Well-being and Health

    Well-being and Health

    Alternating between being seated and standing whilst working improves well-being, increases productivity and protects the body from resulting tension and backache.

  • Flexibility and Adaptability

    Flexibility and Adaptability

    Adaptability is at the core of our products. Our desks, chairs and Cable Management system can be adapted in various ways allowing you to arrange your office space to match your individual requirements.

  • Functionality and Design

    Functionality and Design

    Yaasa products perform at the highest level in all regards. Effortless application, a great user experience and modern design are at the core of our product development.